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Look at the features and the differences

Step 1: Choose your bathroom shape

SaniNet Easy

SaniNet Easy Professional

Choose from different bathroom shapes
Enter exact measurements
Place pitched roofs
Free form shape  


Step 2: Furnish your bathroom



Furnish the bathroom with 3D elements
View elements in 3D
Drag and drop elements
Choose elements from universal library
Change elements from universal library
Choose elements from brand library  


Step 3: Finish your bathroom



Choose from different tileboards
Make and use your own tileboards
All colors available for unbranded elements
Choose from several tile patterns on walls
Tiling per wall  
Place horizontal and vertical tile strips  
Place décor tiles  
Rotate tiles  
Adjust joint width and colour  

Step 4: View in 3D



Make a full color print
All colors available for brandless elements
High graphic quality of the elements
Walk through your bathroom
Play animations by clicking on elements
E-mail 3D design to the customer
Manual control of lighting in the bathroom  
Day and night mode light animation  


Step 5: Dimensioning



Dimensioning and technical drawing  
Technical symbols in drawing  
Scaled bathroom views  


System Requirements SaniNet Easy and SaniNet Easy Professional

Processor: Pentium Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz or higher
Internal Memory: 2 Gb or higher
Microsoft Windows XP prof, Vista, Windows 7
Internet Explorer 7, Screen resolution: 1280*1024, 32 Bit colors
Video Card: Nvidia PCI-E X16 512 Mb RAM or higher, DirectX 10 supported by hardware 

Recurring payment: What does it mean?

SaniNet Easy and SaniNet Easy Professsional require a subscription. You pay a recurring fee.
Don't worry, we will email you each period to remind you of your upcoming renewal.
If you don't want to renew your subscription, you can cancel at any time.