SaniNet Easy offers the quickest and easiest route to 3d bathroom design

 In 4 steps you can create 3D images of your customer's dream bathroom at the same time as you make fully dimensioned technical drawing for the fitter to allow trouble-free installation.  
This technology is an industry first and is already proving popular with both stockists and customers.

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Lead the prospect to your showroom with an Internet design.

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 SaniNet Online is specially developed to generate leads and extra sales for national distributors, buying groups, wholesalers and manufacturers with a considerable number of outlets.  
With a link on your website your visitor is able to design a bathroom with a limited version of SaniNet Easy.

SaniNet Online

Features & Benefits SaniNet Easy

SaniNet Easy is quick, easy to learn and easy to use  Time saving
   Quick design together with your customers
   Learning by doing
   No expensive training courses needed
SaniNet Easy is the ultimate lead generator  More leads, more sales, more profit
SaniNet Easy converts more visitors into buyers  3D designs give emotional connections with your visitors
SaniNet Easy gives you cross-sell and up-sell opportunities  On the spot interactions with your visitors
Mail the design to the visitor to view the bathroom in 3D  Shows your modern and professional image


SaniNet Viewer: View your bathroom in High Definition 3D or experience it in Virtual Reality

 View your bathroom in the highest quality with the SaniNet Viewer in SaniNet Easy, on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Or use your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR goggles and experience the bathroom in Virtual Reality. 

The SaniNet Viewer app

Send the bathroom design to your customers to view at home with the Viewer app in High Definition or Virtual Reality (with smartphone VR goggles). The SaniNet Viewer app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.